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 Choice to Choose



Choice to Choose

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Choice to Choose (C2C)is a small organization from Poland which has given itself the task to enable the people with the least chances in their society, to have a basic education, to relief the poorest families through financing small investment projects (micro credit) and encourage creative thinking in children through excursions and expressive art actions.

   Choice to Choose practices a very personal approach in development work and encourages each and everyone to use their abilities to make a change for the better in their communities. C2C emphasizes on the involvement of locally respected community members to give what is in their ability to make development possible. C2C is an open minded non-religious, non-political who chooses to dedicate their voluntary work for a world without poverty and violence through education and intercultural dialogue.

   Through voluntary teachings and art actions and thus through cultural exchange C2C promotes the most important part of their work; creative thinking. Realizing that each individual has the choice, the choice to take the responsibility of their lives into their own hands. To learn and work for a better future. Creative thinking means that, difficult, does not mean impossible and to make use of all possibilities around without being scared of doing something new.

   Through the very personal approach, personal assessment of the projects and the use of local forces it is possible for C2C to use 100% of the financial donations for the development projects. Administration- Organisation- and all other costs are entirely C2C?s responsibility (although donation for that are very welcome too!) every donor decides him/herself where the donation is used for.

   There is work to be done. Everywhere! Life is not boring, life is an adventure with challenges every day if you want it! We would like to challenge you to get up and find out what you can do for your community or anywhere else. Development work can be done everywhere. Organise painting actions, concerts, flea markets, etc. and donate to the charity of your choice. Mobilize your friends to start something good, become a volunteer in an existing project, open your eyes to those who are less fortunate. Use the energy that is given to you to make a change for people in need, to make the world a better place.

   Contact us with your ideas, your questions and tell us what you can contribute and let's find out how we can connect our work. (e-mail)

  There is so much to do! We just have to stand up and do it!
You have the choice to choose and everybody should have it!

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